Company Philosophy

Our mission is, to provide spiritual richness and happiness to the people through our@overseas trading, as well as to create more abundant values in order to conduct ourselves to attain our dreams.

We are very proud to announce that City Corporation has achieved record-setting sales and profit in the business year ending in September 2008, when it marked our 25th anniversary.
And we are on our way to realize a sustainable growth despite the volatile circumstances surrounding trading companies.

‚Pj Innovation

Under the increasingly uncertainty about the global economy, in order to maintain our sustainable growth, we believe that what we need most now is unconventional and unbiased innovation as well as persistent efforts made by every staff with the respective role.

‚Qj Manpower is our strength

Source of innovation is vitality of manpower. We believe that manpower is the most powerful resource on business. We, City Corporation, will develop young human resources as the first step for our 100 years beyond.